New Exhibition and Reception in the Project Space Gallery: Fine Arts Center



[e]scape: an exhibition by three student artists; Jessica Tyler, Tyler Burke, and Henry Feist will open on Wednesday, November 29, with a reception from 5-7 PM in the Project Space Gallery. The show consists of a combination of silver-gelatin photographs and digital photographs ranging in size from 21”x18” to 36”x64”.
Their work explores the contrast between living in the city or country and visiting the city or country for a vacation as expressed in their combined artist statement.
“Living and working full time in a fast-paced city like Manhattan can make you numb. Colors fade to gray, and each day simply drifts into the next. Allowing yourself to fall victim to the monotony of the nine-to-five life is a heartbreaking way to live, and often one that becomes difficult to escape. On the other hand, living in the mountains can become isolating and lonely, leaving you with a sense of detachment from the rest of the world. This creates a different type of monotony, seeing the same faces, same cars, and same few stores every single day. Sometimes we forget what else is out there. No matter which landscape you live in, whether it be the Catskill Mountains or one of the Five Boroughs of New York, the other always feels like an escape. City dwellers find summer homes in Oneonta while Oneonta natives find themselves taking trips to explore the big city. Each reality is someone else’s vacation. As the three of us prepare to graduate, we want to use this series as a means of exploring the contrasts in the lifestyles we’ve experienced and appreciating the good and bad of each one. Even when things seem gray in the environment you’re living in, there is always a burst of color that will follow. It’s up to us to find our escapes. “