The Seminar Series in Biology presents

“Sisyridae and Sponges: A Genetic Approach” presented by Alyssa Rothfuss, MSc student, Biology Department, State University of New York College at Oneonta.

Alyssa earned her BS in Biology from State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) in 2014 and began her MS in Fall 2015. While a graduate student, Alyssa worked to broaden her knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and population genetics, focusing on the relationships between freshwater sponges in the Otsego Lake watershed. Alyssa has been employed by the Biology Department as an adjunct lecturer to teach genetics labs.

In this presentation, Alyssa will be discuss freshwater sponges from local waterways. Little is known about which species of freshwater sponges (Haplosclerida: Spongillidae) and spongillaflies (Neuroptera: Sisyridae) reside in the Otsego Lake watershed, or the population structures of these organisms. In order to better understand the population structures of these organisms, and identify species, an analysis of the cytochrome oxidase I (COI) and wingless (wnt) genes was performed. Results of this analysis include new distribution records for some species of freshwater sponges and spongillaflies in the Otsego Lake watershed, and insight into the relationships between populations and generations of spongillaflies discovered.
This seminar is hosted by the Biology Department and will take place 4 pm Friday December 1st in Science I room 121. See attached poster for more details.

About this seminar series: This series is offered several times throughout the semester to provide our student community with opportunities to learn about scientific research and professions. Speakers may include our own department faculty or students, as well as biologists and other professionals from elsewhere. All are welcome.