World AIDS Day Event

On the evening of November 30th there will be an educational event with a dinner and a movie focused on World AIDS Day. This event is a collaboration with the Gender Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) and two faculty from the Department of Psychology. The evening will begin at 6 pm with a dinner/snack in the Hunt Waterfront room. Then, at 7:30 pm attendees will watch the film, And the Band Played On in the Red Dragon Theater.
And the Band Played On is a movie based on the book written by Randy Shilts, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and AIDS activist in the 1980’s and 1990s. The movie depicts the history and politics surrounding the scientific search for the virus causing HIV/AIDS and the social impact of HIV/AIDS during that time period. During dinner, there will be a brief program on the history and progress of the AIDS pandemic lead by Dr. James Zians and Dr. Michael Brown both from the Psychology Department. Dinner will also include a 12-minute documentary on the life of Randy Shilts who died of AIDS in 1994. This event is free to the public. You may RSVP for this 6 pm dinner, to . All are welcome to attend the movie at 7:30 pm in the Red Dragon Theater.