LOTM CV Workshop: Thursday, November 9th

A workshop for faculty on “Crafting Effective CVs, Resumes, and Bio Statements” will be offered on Thursday, November 9 at 10:00 am in 104 Morris Conference Center as part of the Life of the Mind. This interactive webinar will be facilitated by Dr. Katie Linder (who also led the Grants Development Office 1+1/2 day “Why Grants?” workshop for faculty in March 2017). More information on the workshop and workshop facilitator is available here. Questions? Contact Kathy.Meeker@oneonta.edu.

Family Weekend 2017 #OneontaFW17

As chair for the Family Weekend Steering Committee I wish to extend by deepest appreciation to members of the committee for their time, sacrifice and leadership in delivering a very well received weekend of family friendly events! Many thanks to Angela Deleski-Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, Jaimin Shah-SAAC, Kathy Hewlett- Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, Angie Eichler-Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, Lauren Kalantgis- Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, Drew Spriggs-Residential Community Life, Rebecca Lynch-Office of Continuing Education, bill harcleroad- Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, Tracy Dolan-OAS/Red Dragon Outfitters, Laura Emmett-Finance and Administration, Caleigh Murphy-SAAC, Jesika Lento-IGC, Laura Lincoln-Office of Alumni Engagement, Kate McMichael- New Student Services, Ben Grimm-Athletics, Julia Falcone-SAAC, Shivani Patel-RSO, Rebecca Molloy-Dining Services, Jessica Roman-Residential Community Life, and Natasha Fisher-Career Development Center.

On September 22-24 more than 860 families and 2,600 people visited campus and participated in more than 40 activities and programs.
· 81% of the participating families came from first year students and 12% from families of transfer students
· 80% indicated high satisfaction with the overall experience
· 84% felt it was very organized
· 93% felt the employees and students on hand were very helpful
· 91% indicated they would return to the event next year

Some of the events featured our academic faculty facilitating or presenting programs: Dr. Josh Nollenberg (Physics and Astronomy) provided several Planetarium shows during the weekend; Dr. Benjamin Y. Dixon (Geography) presented his pictorial history “Our SUNY Oneonta Campus-1889 to Today”; and Dr. Bill Vining (Chemistry) offered two demonstrations “From Forensics to Materials to Life: Viewing and Manipulating the World of Molecules.”

Family Weekend is a major college program which requires the goodwill and time of our students and college employees to lend a hand. It’s an opportunity for our SUNY Oneonta families to get together and build community and connections with our students and their families. In this spirit I wish to thank our volunteers who stepped up and helped make the weekend shine: Alexa Silver, Alexandrina Simon, Alyssa Wettje, Alyssia Gehres, Amanda Nicolas, Angelica Duran, Asaskia Thomas, Becca Slade, Brianna Supensky, Cynthia Chuni, Donglei LI, Dorothy Rombo, Elaine Lowe, Emily Phelps, Jasmine King, Jonathan Rosenberg, Julia Dillon, Kaitlyn Effaldana, Katherine Kelly, Kayla Iacono, Kelly Comack, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Krystal Piucci, Lauren O’Mahoney, Leslie Reitz, Lexi Milano, Marleny Ramirez, Maureen & Abby Artale, Melina Ciotta, Michelle & Tess Thibaut, Mike & Olivia O’Donnell, Monica Grau, Natalie Costanza, Nicole Graziano, Odalis Galeano, Olivia Simler, Peter Derway, Rady Oeur, Raven Santana, Samantha Janowitz, Stephanie Trombadore, Sydney Palma, Symantha Salomone, Tracey Ranieri, and William Woodward.

Family Weekend was sponsored by the Student Association, SUNY Oneonta Alumni Association with financial support from the Fund for Oneonta, Office of Student Life and Leadership/Hunt College Union, and New Student Services.

Mark your calendars for Family Weekend 2018 on September 21-23, 2018. If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee for next spring, please contact Robb.Thibault@oneonta.edu .