Greater Oneonta Historical Society Recognizes Two Programs

On Sunday, Oct. 15, the Greater Oneonta Historical Society presented its annual Albert E. Morris Award for contributions to local history to Kitchen Table Conversations. For 10 years, SUNY Oneonta President Emeritus Alan Donovan and his team have been recording oral histories of Oneontans and residents of the nearby towns. More than 100 persons have been recorded, providing rich documentation of life in the area for future generations. The interviews can be listened to at GOHS’ website,

Also that same Sunday, the Greater Oneonta Historical Society hosted “ Let’s Talk about Economic Development in Oneonta, Yesterday and Today.” This program shared stories about business and economic development from the Kitchen Table Conversations collection assembled by Alan Donovan and the Cooperstown Graduate Program’s archive of oral history interviews. Oral history selections were used to initiate a discussion about how economic development has changed Oneonta and the broader region over the past seventy-five years. The oral history clips illuminate how people have thought about economic development in both the past and present. The event promoted dialogue on these themes and encourages new perspectives on business, politics, technology, and society.

The program was co-presented by the Greater Oneonta Historical Society, the Cooperstown Graduate Program and Hanford Mills Museum.

Listen to Everyone ( is a project of CGP Community Stories and the Cooperstown Graduate Program. CGP Community Stories ( has been collecting and sharing the stories of Otsego County residents and other Central New Yorkers for over fifty years. The oral histories cover a wide range of topics, such as the environment and farming, family and community, tourism, rural healthcare, and activism. The goal is to document the history of Central New York’s rural communities and use their stories to promote discussions which connect participants with the past and with each other.