Making Cent$ Program Seeks Volunteers for Making Cent$ of Life After College

The Making Cent$ Financial Literacy and Wellness Program is seeking volunteers for our premier event of the fall term. Making Cent$ of Life After College will be held on November 16th from 4:00 – 8:00 pm in the Hunt Union Ballroom. This interactive event is for all students and provides a personalized and a realistic glimpse of post-graduation finances based on career and geographic location. An interactive, hands-on budgeting exercise helps students prepare and plan for their future and provides a wide array of information how to manage financial resources We are seeking student and employee volunteers for all or part of the event. If you would like to volunteer for all or part of the time, please contact

“NO! I am NOT a terrorist” Lecture Date Correction

Please note this lecture is on Monday, 10/23. The printed posters say Wednesday, 10/23. She will speak at 9 PM in the Hunt Union Waterfront. The title of her lecture is NO! I am NOT a terrorist.
Zohra Sarwari is the author of 15 books as well as an international speaker, entrepreneur, publisher, and mother to 3 children. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and she is currently taking classes for a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies. She spends her time Homeschooling her kids, lecturing, coaching, and working on her curriculums. She has been seen on nearly everywhere on mainstream TV including CBS, FOX News. She has also been interviewed in many magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and online publications.

As an orthodox Muslim, Zohra has faced many challenges. Her passion is to educate others about diversity using humor and personal experiences that leave her audiences transformed from the moment they leave the room. Her speeches promote dialogue and foster tolerance towards people of all races, religions and backgrounds, and her speeches are designed to be inspirational and motivational.

zohra sarwari

Dr. Dan Stich has article published

Dr. Dan Stich, Assistant Professor in the Biology Department, recently published an article entitled “Assessment of Early Migration Dynamics of River-Specific Hatchery Atlantic Salmon Smolts”. It was published in the October 2017 issue of Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.

Stich was a co-author on the paper, with collaborators from NOAA Fisheries in Massachusetts and Maine. The study quantified survival and migratory behavior of Atlantic salmon through one of the most dynamic estuaries in the United States. Estuary transition is a period of high mortality for these fish, and the group related this mortality to various influences, including changes in temperature and coastal habitats. This work underscores obstacles to recovery of this species in the United States, and provides insight for those populations in the southern range of the species that will soon face similar challenges.

Oh Boy, Free WiFi!

Whether for work or for play we all look to use the Internet on the go. For this reason, we often find ourselves looking through the list of available WiFi networks on our mobile devices to see if one is open for us to use. Is this a good idea? Well, probably not. How do we know that free coffee shop wifi network we see on our device isn’t really just the laptop of the guy acting as a hotspot? What nefarious intentions does he have for getting us to connect?

To see how simple this can be for a hacker to set up, watch this informative video. Please note that the video is created and sponsored by a well-known cbersecurity vendor. Our sharing of the video is for its informative content and is not meant as an endorsement of the vendor or their products.