Kristen Blinne to Serve on National Convention Planning Team

Dr. Kristen Blinne, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, was recently invited to serve on the National Communication Association’s 2018 Convention Planning Team for its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Blinne will be co-coordinating a special programming series for the conference focused on innovative approaches to defining, studying, and teaching communication. She is one of only two assistant professors to join this team of ten faculty members from across the country.

Theatre Department Releases YouTube Series About Senior Experiences

The Theatre Department has released the first episode in a seven-part YouTube series highlighting what graduating seniors learned and experienced during their education in theatre at SUNY Oneonta.

In Episode 1 “Origin Stories”, we say hello to a group of seniors and find out how they got started in theatre at SUNY Oneonta. Watch Episode 1 now!

Additional episodes will be released in the following weeks. For further updates, follow the Theatre Department Facebook page @SUNYOneontaTheatre.

The video series was produced by the SUNY Oneonta Theatre Department with support provided by the Office of Communications. The views and opinions expressed in the videos are those of the students interviewed. For the latest information about the Theatre Department visit

Closed-captioning has been provided for all the videos in the series.