Matthew Hendley, Department of History Published

Matthew Hendley, Department of History has recently published a chapter entitled “Politics in the Social Sphere: The Primrose League during the First World War” in David W. Gutzke (ed) British Politics, Society and Empire, 1852-1945 (London and New York: Routledge, 2017), pp. 113-141.

This essay investigates the First World War experiences of the Primrose League, a supposedly nonpartisan organization created in the Victorian period and credited as a pioneer for women’s involvement in British politics. With a large female membership, the Primrose League was well known for its canvassing in support of the Conservative Party during elections as well as a wide range of popular social activities, including garden fetes and whist drives. Past studies of the Primrose League have ended in 1914 under the assumption that the vast changes in wartime Britain, including women’s enfranchisement, made it irrelevant. Dr. Hendley’s essay shows that the Primrose League’s experience in the social side of politics enabled it to branch out into wartime philanthropic and patriotic work that kept its membership active and its organisation intact. Although the Primrose League also commented on wartime political changes and continued to propagate popular imperialism, its political activities in the social sphere proved to be most crucial for its continuation into the post-1918 political world.

Request for Faculty Participation

The Committee on Greek Life (CGL) is looking for up to two members of the teaching faculty to join us. The CGL reviews applications and make recommendations for admittance for prospective chapters seeking to come to campus; reviews and makes recommendations on the Greek Code and other pertinent Greek Life policies and procedures; and selects the annual Greek Chapters of the Year Awards. For more information please contact Robb Thibault, CGL Chair at x3013 or

The Seminar Series in Biology

The Seminar Series in Biology presents:
“Tropical Flora of The Bahamas: an “off the beaten path” expedition The Bahamas Winter 2018,” presented by Tami LaPilusa, MS and Sean Robinson, PhD, State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta). Ms. LaPilusa’s research examines genetics among land crab populations in the Bahamas while Dr. Robinson’s research is focused on understanding how mode of reproduction in plants, particularly bryophytes, affects colonization of new habitats, range expansions, and the exchange of alleles both within and between populations.

Ms. LaPilusa and Dr. Robinson’s seminar will give an overview of a NEW Winter 2018 Faculty Led Study Abroad Program to The Bahamas and review the planned Itinerary and application procedures for interested students. This 2-week faculty led study abroad program introduces students to the flora of The Bahamas through daytime hiking explorations in remote forests and coastal areas on Andros Island and in the National Parks and Cultural Heritage Parks on New Providence Island, The Bahamas. Students will gain an understanding of some of the familiar families of plants common and/or unique to the tropics.

This seminar is hosted by the Biology Department and will take place 4 pm Friday September 8th in Science I room 121.

About this seminar series: This series is offered several times throughout the semester to provide our student community with opportunities to learn about scientific research and professions. Speakers may include our own department faculty or students, as well as biologists and other professionals from elsewhere. All are

Roger W. Hecht Publishes Book

Roger W. Hecht (English) published a book through the Delaware County Historical Association. Freemen Awake!: Rally Songs & Poems from New York’s Anti-Rent Movement is an edited collection of nearly three dozen songs and poems written by farmers and their supporters during New York’s Anti-Rent War in the 1840s. The Anti-Rent War was a seven-year-long rent-strike staged by tenant farmers against the state’s most powerful landholding families. The poems, culled from Anti-Rent newspapers, offer insights into the emotional and imaginative foundation of the Anti-Rent movement. Professor Hecht edited the collection and wrote the historical/critical introduction.

Orientation Review Meetings

The college community is invited to attend an Orientation Review meeting. We will review the changes made for 2017 and ask for some suggestions for 2018.
The meetings will be held on: September 14 at 8:30-9:30am and 3:30-4:30pm in the Butternut Room in the Hunt Union.
If you are unable to attend and would like to speak individually with Monica Grau, Director of New Student Services, please contact her to set up a time.