Beginning of Semester Print Shop Duplication Reminder

The beginning of the semester is fast approaching and the print shop will be receiving numerous requests for duplication of course materials. Though the Print Shop averaged about a one and a half day turn around during the regular semester, the sheer number of requests that come in at the beginning of a semester result in longer turn around times. The best way to insure materials are ready for the first few days of classes is to submit them early. Please consider the following when submitting your materials.

How quickly a request may be completed is proportional to how may jobs arrived prior and how large each request is. I.e. 100 copies of a 4 page syllabus (400 pages) corner stapled can be done relatively quickly. 100 copies of 90 sheets (9000 pages) in a lab or hand out manual with punching for 3 ring binder, not so quick.
Items that require color duplication take longer than black only so please consider whether color is really necessary in a document or hand out.
All work is done in a first come first serve basis so early submission is beneficial. There are 492 full and part time faculty potentially submitting requests at the beginning of a semester.
Please also remember that the Print Shop is not open over the weekend prior to the first day of classes. Therefore any requests submitted on Thursday August 24th or Friday August 25th may not be ready for class on Monday August 28th.
The Print Shop is committed to providing the fastest possible service at this time of year. Please submit items early to insure materials are in hand for the first week of classes.