A New Kitchen Table Conversation podcast available at Milne Library

SUNY Oneonta President Emeritus Alan Donovan presents another edition of Kitchen Table Conversations

Recorded at the Greater Oneonta Historical  Society in June, the discussion ranged widely from the beginnings of classical groups in Oneonta such as the predecessor of the Oneonta Concert Association in the mid l920’s, to concerts with well known popular music figures often held on the SUNY Oneonta campus in the l970’s. Such local groups as the Catskill Symphony, Catskill Choral Society were mentioned. Popular local figures — Al Galadoro, Jerry Jeff Walker and Larry Santos were remembered. And concerts featuring famous stars like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel were featured. Contributing to the conversation were Patrice Macaluso, Molly Swain and Peg Twasutyn.

Hosted by Dr. Donovan, Kitchen Table Conversations is produced by former SUNY Oneonta public radio manager; Gary Wickham. The complete catalog of podcasts available at http://libguides.oneonta.edu/conversations