Grant, Talk and Conference, June 19-23, 2017

Dr. Penina Kamina in collaboration with a colleague at Western University Kalamazoo were awarded EURO 5000 by the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education to fund a two-day, June 19-20, preconference session to build research capacity for early career researchers. This session was part of the 4th bi-annual Strathmore International Mathematics Conference held at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya whose theme was “Enhancing Collaborative Research in Mathematical Sciences.” Twenty mathematics education doctoral students from Ruanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya were in attendance and seven researchers from Sweden, USA and Kenya facilitated the presentations. The network teams formed in this preconference meeting will continue their discussions using online platforms.
Also Dr. Kamina gave a talk on Data Collection and Qualitative Data Analysis at the preconference on June 20, 2017. She then attended the conference from June 21st to 23rd where she actively engaged in discussions of research studies in East African mathematics classrooms.