Joseph Chiang invited to session in the BIT’s Annual World DNA and Genome Day-2017

Joseph Chiang, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was invited to a session in the BIT’s Annual World DNA and Genome Day-2017 in Xian, China from April 25-27, 2017. There were 4 main Groups which link to Molecular Cellular, and Pharmaceutical, and medical field. In one of the sessions, he was directed to chair a session on “Role of Molecular, cellular Biology, pharmaceutical in transition medicine“. There were 12 presentations in this sub-session. In this session, Professor is the chair and presented the first presentation on “A brief Summary Smart Nano DDS (Drug Deliver) for Vaccines. Here are anther 11 presentations including: Wave genomes; Clinical-pharmacogenetic models; Cancer Cured by Electrion’s laser acupuncture; and many other topics. Presenters are from Russia, USA, China, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and several other countries world-wild.