Miguel Leon presents paper to Latin American Association Conference

Miguel Leon, Associate Professor History, presented a paper, Escribano (notary) or Regatonero (store owner): Biographical Notes on the life of Gabriel Martínez de Esquivel, public and town council notary of Huánuco, 1510?-1610?, to the Latin American Association Conference which took place in Lima, Peru, April 29-May 1, 2017. This paper reconstructs the life of a small city notary in Huánuco, Peru, Gabriel Martínez de Esquivel.  Esquivel came from Seville, Spain in the middle of the sixteenth century to establish himself as a notary in Huánuco. After years as a public notary, he also became a town council notary. As the town council notary, he participated in the most important decisions of the city. His feedback and participation in important discussions and decisions of the town council were invaluable.  Martínez de Esquivel married a woman of the Spanish colonizer elite, bought land, owned a textile workshop and successfully undertook a series of other entrepreneurial activities throughout his life. Even though, regulations prohibited notaries to get involved in commerce, he opened a store om Huánuco selling merchandise which he brought from Lima, the capital of Peru’s viceroyalty. His multiple interests in Lima led him to sell his oficio (job) as a notary and move to Lima to dedicate himself full time to business ventures. In his last years he moved back to Huánuco where he died leaving a considerable fortune which he bestowed on his children.

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