Gobi Cashmere Processing

Gobi CashmereDr. Ashley Kim, assistant professor in Fashion and Textiles, has published a DVD about the Mongolian Cashmere Production Process with the assistance of Diana Moseman, Instructional Support Technician, TLTC in Milne Library. The content of the DVD is a documentary about natural animal fibers and its production process from raw animal hair to marketable product. The project started four years ago when Dr. Kim taught fashion and textiles in the Mongolian International University. At that time she was researching natural animal hair – specifically Gobi Cashmere goat hair in Mongolia.  Since then Dr. Kim and Diana have worked on the project together for the last two years. The DVD is an academic reference for a textile science course focusing on the practice of sustainability in the fashion and textile discipline. Dr. Kim said, “I sincerely appreciate Diana’s professionalism as a team member. Diana and I will move forward with the next project, the Persimmon Dyeing Process.”

You can find a preview of the documentary at SUNY Oneonta’s Office 365 or at http://bit.ly/2p4Pn4t.