Seminar Series in Biology Friday, April 28

Biology Seminar this Friday: Putting Dendrites In Their Place: The Role Of The Reelin-Signaling Pathway In Organizing Brain Structure by Eric Olson, Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical. Dr. Olson is a neurobiologist. His research examines a diversity of topics including neuronal migration, dendritic initiation and growth, reeling signaling, fetal alcohol syndrome, and focal adhesion adaptor proteins. See attached flyer: Friday Seminar

Synopsis of presentation:
My laboratory studies an early period of brain development when immature neurons are just beginning to establish the basic wiring pattern of the brain. We use multiphoton microscopy to create 3D “movies” of mouse brain development which are then analyzed. This imaging allows us to determine how mutations and toxins contribute to diseases like intellectual disability, autism and fetal alcohol syndrome. The presentation will start with a description of normal and abnormal brain development leading into our studies of Lissencephaly with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (LCH), a disorder caused by deficiency in a gene called Reelin. I will then discuss the cellular and biochemical processes controlled by Reelin and how this understanding of Reelin biology is providing new insights into brain development and disease.

Time & Place: April 28, 2017, Science I, room 121.

Persons wishing a meeting with the seminar speaker are encouraged to contact: Fred Zalatan or Tsitsi McPherson