CADE Announces National Tutoring Association Certifications

CADE’s tutoring program is certified by the National Tutoring Association, and tutors who complete all the training requirements receive a nationally-recognized credential.  The following 26 peer tutors completed basic level NTA certification over the 2016-17 academic year:

Claire Anderson, Ryan Assini, Zerin Bay, Emily Blaakman, Nicole Cajo, Rosemarie Casey, Megan Chiovaro, Eli Cooperman, Ryan Crean, Brenna Crowe, Mairead Farinacci, Nicole Maio, Noelle Manley, Melissa Marry, Gloriana Mejias, Ethan Nolan, Hannah Olds, Diana Reisert, Kate Runninger, Carly Salzman, Andrew Senese, Jennifer Southard, Josephine Thoburn, Emily Thresher, Alexa Vavoules, Justin Warner

Please join us in congratulating these tutors on their achievement and thanking them for their dedication to providing the best possible service to their students.