CADE Announces Finals Week Drop-in Tutoring Schedules

Peer drop-in tutoring for a variety of 100- and 200-level courses will be offered by CADE through May 4, 2017.  The schedule is posted online at

How Does it Work?

Students may stop by anytime during the posted drop-in hours. We strongly recommend that you give yourself at least 1/2 hour to work with a tutor. Please realize that if you get there late and a lot of people got there ahead of you, you may not get the attention you need. Peer tutors will be on hand to work with you and answer your questions. You will be encouraged to work in a group of students who are taking the same class, so you can expect to work cooperatively with other students in addition to getting help from the tutor.

Students should bring their textbooks, notes, and any other class materials they might have. Be prepared to work not only with the tutor, but also with others taking the same course. Tutors are not permitted to work on assignments that will be graded. They are there to help students understand course content and processes.

You will need to present an ID and your username to sign in and out of tutoring.

Please feel free to call CADE at 607-436-3010 if you have questions.

Candidates for the Director of Community Standards

We will be welcoming three candidates to campus for interviews in the search for the Director of Community Standards position. The dates and candidates are listed below. Please join us for an Open Forum in the Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union, where the candidates will present on the topic “What role does Community Standards play in the student experience?”. There will be time for Q&A at the end of each forum.

May 4th – William (Bill) Woodward – 1:15-2pm, Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union
May 5th – Michael Arno – 1:15-2pm, Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union
May 8th – Bradley Menard – 1:15-2pm, Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Thank you – Search Committee, Director of Community Standards


CADE Announces National Tutoring Association Certifications

CADE’s tutoring program is certified by the National Tutoring Association, and tutors who complete all the training requirements receive a nationally-recognized credential.  The following 26 peer tutors completed basic level NTA certification over the 2016-17 academic year:

Claire Anderson, Ryan Assini, Zerin Bay, Emily Blaakman, Nicole Cajo, Rosemarie Casey, Megan Chiovaro, Eli Cooperman, Ryan Crean, Brenna Crowe, Mairead Farinacci, Nicole Maio, Noelle Manley, Melissa Marry, Gloriana Mejias, Ethan Nolan, Hannah Olds, Diana Reisert, Kate Runninger, Carly Salzman, Andrew Senese, Jennifer Southard, Josephine Thoburn, Emily Thresher, Alexa Vavoules, Justin Warner

Please join us in congratulating these tutors on their achievement and thanking them for their dedication to providing the best possible service to their students.

Seminar Series in Biology Friday, April 28

Biology Seminar this Friday: Putting Dendrites In Their Place: The Role Of The Reelin-Signaling Pathway In Organizing Brain Structure by Eric Olson, Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical. Dr. Olson is a neurobiologist. His research examines a diversity of topics including neuronal migration, dendritic initiation and growth, reeling signaling, fetal alcohol syndrome, and focal adhesion adaptor proteins. See attached flyer: Friday Seminar

Synopsis of presentation:
My laboratory studies an early period of brain development when immature neurons are just beginning to establish the basic wiring pattern of the brain. We use multiphoton microscopy to create 3D “movies” of mouse brain development which are then analyzed. This imaging allows us to determine how mutations and toxins contribute to diseases like intellectual disability, autism and fetal alcohol syndrome. The presentation will start with a description of normal and abnormal brain development leading into our studies of Lissencephaly with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (LCH), a disorder caused by deficiency in a gene called Reelin. I will then discuss the cellular and biochemical processes controlled by Reelin and how this understanding of Reelin biology is providing new insights into brain development and disease.

Time & Place: April 28, 2017, Science I, room 121.

Persons wishing a meeting with the seminar speaker are encouraged to contact: Fred Zalatan or Tsitsi McPherson

Salsa, Sugar and Coffee

Students from the spring course “Salsa, Sugar, and Coffee”, with COIL component, will be presenting their academic experience abroad and long lasting relationships with students from Universidad del Valle in Cali –Colombia.  Join us at 6pm in HIRC #2 on Wednesday May 3rd.