Library Extended Hours for End of Spring Semester

Extended Library Hours begin Monday, May 1st
Finals begin Thursday, May 4th and end Wednesday, May 10th

Monday, May 1 – Friday, May 5                Open 8 AM Monday through 11 PM Friday
Saturday, May 6                                           Open 12 Noon through 11:00 PM
Sunday, May 7 – Wednesday, May 10      Open 12 Noon Sunday through 6 PM Wednesday

Lake Management MS students win awards for their educational videos

Congratulations to Leah Gorman (2nd year Lake Management MS student), Alexa Tumbarello (1st year LM MS) and Sonja Wixom (1st year LM MS) for winning the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) Student Video Contest (  Gorman won the contest in January 2017 with her submission on measuring Secchi depth (a measure of water transparency), and Tumbarello and Wixom won in April 2017 with their team submission on lake stratification and mixing.  Students in BIOL 691: Management of Aquatic Biota (instructor: Kiyoko Yokota) made and peer reviewed their videos as an experiential and service learning activity and submitted them to the NALMS Student Video Contest. The winning videos are now posted on YouTube as official NALMS videos ( that help the general public learn basic lake science and promote lake monitoring activities by citizen scientists, such as the Secchi Dip-In (

Summer Hours 2017

Effective Monday, May 15, 2017, the College will implement the summer hours work schedule.  The suggested “core” hours apply to all offices on campus subject, of course, to operational need.  We are hopeful that the schedule will enhance employees’ enjoyment of the summer months.

For the period of May 15, 2017 through August 11, 2017, all offices should be open for business between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. excluding the lunch period.  These represent the core office hours for the summer months.  Supervisors are responsible for assuring that offices remain open and able to conduct business during these hours.

Supervisors need to remember that classified employees must work the required 7.5 hours, take at least a half-hour lunch break and office core hours must be covered.  If an alternative work schedule is approved for a particular employee, it should remain constant throughout the summer to minimize confusion.

Office coverage can be maintained by either classified or professional staff or both.  Any variations from the core hours must be submitted in writing and approved by the Vice President of the appropriate Division, if not previously approved.


As of Monday, August 14, 2017 all offices will return to the regular 4:30 p.m. core closing hour.


Summer Parking

We are pleased to announce that the College will again offer more liberal parking between the spring and fall semesters this year.  Beginning on Monday, May 15, 2017 and continuing through Friday, August 11, 2017 the following parking regulations will be in effect:

  • Any employees may park in any yellow, green or purple designated spaces.
  • Parking in blue or red spaces remains designated by decal color.
  • Students must park in yellow, green or purple spaces as assigned.
  • Visitors with permits may park in any designated visitor spaces.
  • Visitors without permits may park in any yellow, green or purple designated spaces.
  • Admissions parking remains restricted for Admission’s visitors.

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, parking will revert to the established decal color designated parking.

Attention: Work Study & Temp Service Students

The end of the semester is near!  Student paychecks will automatically be mailed to the address printed on the front of the check.

** NOTE:  Direct Deposit advices will NOT be automatically mailed.  If you would like your advice mailed please request this by sending an email to

The following payroll dates are affected:

  • 5/11/2017–   Checks & direct deposit advices can be picked up at the Payroll Office on 5/11/2017-5/18/2017.  Any remaining checks that are not picked up will be mailed on 5/19/2017.
  • 5/25/2017–   All checks will be mailed on 5/25/2017, unless otherwise requested.
  • 6/08/2017–   All checks will be mailed on 6/08/2017, unless otherwise requested.

If you DO NOT want your check mailed, complete the “Request Not To Mail” form, then print and send to the Payroll Office at 214 Netzer Administration Building.

To change your mailing address, fill out the “Change of Personal Information” form, then print and send to the Payroll Office at 214 Netzer Administration Building.

These and other forms may be found on the SUNY Oneonta Payroll website: