Damascene Book Cellar hours through finals and summer

Damascene Book Cellar hours through finals and into the summer:

Regular hours through Wednesday, May 3:
Mon – Fri                                             8am – 5pm
Sat                                                         Noon – 4pm

Finals week:
Thurs, May 4 – Fri, May 5:               8am – 6pm
Sat, May 6                                           Noon – 5pm
Sun, May 7                                          Closed
Mon, May 8 – Wed, May 10             8am – 6pm

After finals:
Thurs, May 11 – Fri, May 12            8am – 5pm

Summer hours begin Sat, May 13:
Weekdays                                           8am – 4pm
Weekends                                          Closed

We are open all summer. Please call us with book info and any questions at extension 3329, or email us at dan.birnbaum@oneonta.edu. Thank you.