CADE’s Peer Writing Studio

CADE’s Peer Writing Studio peer writing consultants assist students with course writing assignments.

In their 30-minute sessions, the tutors focus on helping students ensure their papers’ unity, coherence, development and clarity.  This is not a proofreading service.  The peer tutors will discuss the papers with the students who come to see them, approaching the interaction Socratically.  Students whose writing demonstrates the need for intensive development will be referred to our professional staff.

Feel free to encourage students who need writing assistance to sign up for half-hour writing consultations with peer tutors.

Students need their faculty member’s signed permission to work on a class paper at CADE unless the faculty member has already provided blanket permission.  For more information, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Fugit, CADE Director, at x3154 or Jeannine Webster at x3011.