Anthropologists Present at Bioethics Conference

Dr. Tracy Betsinger (Anthropology) and Dr. Sallie Han (Anthropology) were co-presenters at the Albany Medical Center-Alden March Bioethics Institute’s conference, “Reproductive Ethics: New Ideas and Innovations,” held in Albany, NY, April 7-8, 2017.

Their presentation, titled “Reconceiving the Human Fetus: Perspectives from Bioarchaeology and Cultural Anthropology,” discussed the significant empirical evidence and cultural and social insights that holistic anthropological research can contribute to questions in bioethics. Their work will appear in The Anthropology of the Fetus: Biology, Culture, and Society, a book that Han and Betsinger co-edited with Dr. Amy Scott (University of New Brunswick) and is forthcoming from Berghahn Books in October 2017.