Curriculum Design for Inclusive Classrooms

Join the Office of Equity and Inclusion and the Inclusive Classroom Team on Wednesday, May 17th 9am-3pm at the Butternut room in the Hunt Union.  Lunch will be provided. This workshop is open to all faculty.

As a follow-up on his January workshop on Creating Inclusive Classrooms, A.T. Miller, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity at Cornell University, will be presenting an all-day workshop on curriculum design in which faculty members are encouraged to bring a course they would like to adapt for more inclusive practice, or an idea for a new course that they expect or hope to teach in the next year or so.  It is not expected that participants will have attended the January workshop.  While inclusive classroom practice is relevant to all courses of any content, in this workshop we will work together on ways in which we can design into the syllabus effective assignments, evaluations, and content that promote engagement and inclusion for our students, and optimum learning situations for all of us, including the instructor.

To register for the program, please follow this link.

Please email Mary Bonderoff for more information.