Gustavo Arango publishes short story

Professor Gustavo Arango (Foreign Languages) was included in the anthology of Latin American writers, “Voces de América Latina” (Latin American Voices), edited in New York City by María Palitachi, and published by MediaIsla Editores. The anthology included Dr. Arango’s short story “Mensaje que no vas a leer” (A Message You Are Not Going to Read).

Jonathan Sadow presents papers at annual conference

Jonathan Sadow presented two papers in Minneapolis at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies’ annual conference.  On March 30, 2017 he presented the paper “Legal Skepticism in The Parrot” as part of the panel “Eliza Haywood and the Law.”  This paper examines Eliza Haywood’s dissection of injustices encoded into legal practice in her 1746 periodical that pretends to be narrated by a parrot and observes developments, trials, executions, and property seizures associated with the War of Austrian Succession.  On March 31, 2017, he presented a shorter paper entitled “Dumplings, Puddings, and Genres:  Henry Carey’s Learned Dissertation” as part of the roundtable “Generic Mixes: Eighteenth-Century Hybrids.”  This paper examines the mockery of the debasement of formal understanding in the satirical treatise A Learned Dissertation on Dumpling, Its Dignity, Antiquity, and Excellence with a Word upon Pudding. And Many other Useful Discoveries, of great Benefit to the Publick (1726) that pretends to track the history and development of pudding in England.