Center for Social Sciences Research’s Lecture on Technologies of Utopia

Center for Social Sciences Research (CSSR) delivers a lecture by Alberto Foyo, entitled Technologies of Utopia.  Alberto Foyo is the principal of internationally recognized architect and urban designer.  He has projects, lectured and published worldwide.  Please click on Technologies of Utopia for more information.

The lecture will take place at Craven Lounge, Morris Hall, April 3, 2017, 6 – 7:30pm.  All community members are welcome.  Please invite your colleagues, students, friends, and yourself to this timely topic.

Inspired by Noam Chomsky’s work on ‘Manufacturing Consent’ this lecture will elaborate on an alternative look at technology and the ways in which it is becoming an agent of transformation of human reality. The lecture will elaborate in the ways in which new technologies are bringing about the ‘social fabrication’ of a new technocratic regime; one under which ‘the possible’ is morphing towards the ‘the impossible’ and ‘the impossible’ is morphing towards ‘the possible’; one where states of consciousness and states of unconsciousness are no longer so far apart. One where for good or for bad, realities and utopias have merged into one.  As we give consent to living in a potential state of technolatry, one that is prone to the uncritical adoration of technology, we ought to take the opportunity, as an act of being consequential, to ponder on new definitions of both reality and utopia; new  definitions that reflect our changing existentialist link to life.