Tracy Betsinger publishes chapter

Tracy Betsinger, Anthropology, recently published a chapter in the edited volume, Bones of Complexity: Bioarchaeological Case Studies of Social Organization and Skeletal Biology. The chapter, “Status-based differences in health in late prehistoric East Tennessee,” explores how status, determined from burial location, impacts health, physiological stress, and infectious disease.

Frontline Newsletter for April 2017

Attached is the April Frontline Newsletter brought to you by the Employee Assistance Program: Frontline April 2017. In this issue you will find: Soft Skills to Know: Being Courteous; How to Inspire Others; Family Dinners; Do they make a Difference?; Safe Dating Tips for Teens; So Much to Do, Too Little Time; Up Your Self-Discipline; Overcoming a Toxic Workplace and Develop a Stress Management Plan



BETA GAMMA SIGMA: Top Business Students Invited To Join International Honor Society

The SUNY Oneonta chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) invites 17 students to join the honor society, which is made up of over 750,000 students and alumni throughout all 50 states and 160 countries worldwide. Beta Gamma Sigma is an international business honor society and the highest acknowledgment a student in the School of Economics and Business can receive. BGS collegiate chapters are only at schools accredited by AACSB International. Students in the top 10 percent of baccalaureate programs and top 20 percent of graduate programs are eligible for this invitation.

The President of the chapter and Dean of the School of Economics and Business, Dr. Thomas, along with Co-Vice Presidents Dr. Flynn and Dr. Durkin, faculty advisor Dr. Buchan, and the members of the student leadership of the chapter were present to invite these 17 students during the fall and spring “tapping” ceremonies. Upon being invited to the growing SUNY Oneonta chapter, the students were recognized for their academic achievement in front of their classmates and professors.

The recognition ceremony will be held on April 21st, 2017 at 3:30 in the Otsgeo Grille of Morris Conference Center. Congratulations for the hard work and academic success to the following new members:

Sabrina Andersen, Samuel Beaulac, Mitchell Fisher, Robert Gallipoli, Sarah Hagag, Connor Killane, Michael McDonnell, Erin Nicolai, Breanna O’Shea, Claire Piampiano, Allison Ravit, Sara Stathopoulos, Michael Teichman, Kelly Terken, Molly Van Der Poel, Anthony Vecere, and Kevin Yue.



MC. Montoya and Ho Hon Leung publish a chapter

Professors MC. Montoya and Ho Hon Leung published a chapter “Hispanic Settlement in Rural Settings: The Role of Language in Adaptation” in Readings in Language Studies Volume 6: A Critical Examination of Language in Community.  This chapter is a result of a various years researching Hispanic population in Oneonta through a series of local service-learning projects with advanced Spanish courses.

Center for Social Sciences Research’s Lecture on Technologies of Utopia

Center for Social Sciences Research (CSSR) delivers a lecture by Alberto Foyo, entitled Technologies of Utopia.  Alberto Foyo is the principal of internationally recognized architect and urban designer.  He has projects, lectured and published worldwide.  Please click on Technologies of Utopia for more information.

The lecture will take place at Craven Lounge, Morris Hall, April 3, 2017, 6 – 7:30pm.  All community members are welcome.  Please invite your colleagues, students, friends, and yourself to this timely topic.

Inspired by Noam Chomsky’s work on ‘Manufacturing Consent’ this lecture will elaborate on an alternative look at technology and the ways in which it is becoming an agent of transformation of human reality. The lecture will elaborate in the ways in which new technologies are bringing about the ‘social fabrication’ of a new technocratic regime; one under which ‘the possible’ is morphing towards the ‘the impossible’ and ‘the impossible’ is morphing towards ‘the possible’; one where states of consciousness and states of unconsciousness are no longer so far apart. One where for good or for bad, realities and utopias have merged into one.  As we give consent to living in a potential state of technolatry, one that is prone to the uncritical adoration of technology, we ought to take the opportunity, as an act of being consequential, to ponder on new definitions of both reality and utopia; new  definitions that reflect our changing existentialist link to life.


The Luminous Letter Project

The Dream Team* and The Luminous Letter Project from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures invite you to a letter-writing event this Thursday, March 30th at 6pm in the Foreign Language Lab (SCHU 302) in order to write and send letters of support and friendship to LGBTQ undocumented immigrants in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers in Arizona.  This is a great opportunity for expressing kindness and the shared humanity of people, regardless of their immigration status.  We will be sending letters with words of encouragement and support.

We will be writing letters in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, so speakers of these languages, at any level of language proficiency, are strongly encouraged to attend.  Let’s shed some light into the shadows of immigration detention centers.

For more information on how to get involved with The Luminous Letter Project or about this event, please contact

* The Dream Team is a student group in the process of becoming an S.A. club.