Friday is Tropical Fruits Day!

The campus community is invited to experience Tropical Fruits Day in room 110 Science I on Friday March 24.  This free and fun event is hosted by the Biology Department and supported by a grant from the Student Development and Campus Enrichment Fund. Over 40 tropical fruits, roots, seeds and flowers will be available to sample, including Mangos, Guavas, Jackfruit, Durian, Vanilla bean, Cherimoya, Sugar Cane and many others. Information cards will provide each plant’s common and latin name, place of origin and several facts about its botany or current use.  Come celebrate the bounty that the tropics have given us, and the diverse cultures that first domesticated these plants. The event will run 11am to 4pm, and is free. Try something new, and encourage your students to come ( LEAD credit available). For more information contact : Donna Vogler X3705