Friday is Tropical Fruits Day!

The campus community is invited to experience Tropical Fruits Day in room 110 Science I on Friday March 24.  This free and fun event is hosted by the Biology Department and supported by a grant from the Student Development and Campus Enrichment Fund. Over 40 tropical fruits, roots, seeds and flowers will be available to sample, including Mangos, Guavas, Jackfruit, Durian, Vanilla bean, Cherimoya, Sugar Cane and many others. Information cards will provide each plant’s common and latin name, place of origin and several facts about its botany or current use.  Come celebrate the bounty that the tropics have given us, and the diverse cultures that first domesticated these plants. The event will run 11am to 4pm, and is free. Try something new, and encourage your students to come ( LEAD credit available). For more information contact : Donna Vogler X3705

Sallie Han Co-Edits Journal Issue on “Advancing Age”

Sallie Han, (Anthropology, SUNY Oneonta) and Jason Antrosio (Anthropology, Hartwick College) are the co-editors of the March 2017 issue of Open Anthropology on the theme of “Advancing Age: Anthropological Perspectives on Being and Growing Older.”

Being and growing old variously represents a hope, a fear, and an expectation of what awaits us in the future, however near or distant it might be. The March 2017 issue of Open Anthropology explores the experiences of older people in diverse cultural and social contexts, and the approaches and insights that anthropologists have applied and gained in their studies of aging.

“In a youth-oriented society such as the United States today, being and growing older is not uncommonly talked and thought about in negative terms that emphasize decline and diminishment,” Sallie Han and Jason Antrosio write in their Editors’ Note. “Yet, seniority is also associated with knowledge, experience, and wisdom, and elder status is understood to be deserving of deference, respect, and even celebration.”

The 10 articles and 6 book and film reviews included in this issue are curated from the publications of the American Anthropological Association.

The articles will remain open access for six months. Access the issue here:

Signs of Spring Nature Walk

Discover the changes in the seasons as environmental educator and naturalist George Steele leads this family friendly afternoon walk at the SUNY Oneonta College Camp.  Join us on Sunday, March 26 at 2 PM for this stroll through the woods and fields of the Camp.  Dress for the weather and look for animal tracks in the mud, signs of animals who have survived the winter and listen for area birds who have just returned from their winter migration down south.  Whatever is out there, George will find it and share it with you!  This program is free and everyone is welcome.  The entrance to the College Camp is located off of Upper East Street in the Town of Oneonta approximately one mile from the intersection of Bugbee Road and East Street.  For more information call (607) 436-3455 before the day of the event.