New SUNY Oneonta initiative to collect first destination career outcomes data from recent graduates

Institutional awareness for student career outcomes has become a top priority across the country.  Accrediting boards, the State University of New York, current and prospective students and their families, along with the Department of Education and the White House College Scorecard, all seek data on what students do with their college degrees after they graduate.  SUNY Oneonta is charged with gathering and sharing this data just like other institutions across the nation.

The Career Development Center is pleased to announce that SUNY Oneonta is one of more than 80 institutions in 30 states using The Outcomes Survey®.   SUNY Oneonta May 2017 graduates will be asked to respond to The Outcomes Survey® shortly before their graduation day, and they will be prompted to update their responses with new information three, six and twelve months after graduation.  This multi-contact survey approach will yield statistically significant response rates and career outcomes data that genuinely represent the wide diversity of first destinations SUNY Oneonta recent graduates pursue, including employment, graduate school, volunteer service and gap year programs, military service and entrepreneurial endeavors.

We ask for your support in the following two ways:

  1. Encourage your students to complete The Outcomes Survey.  They can simply respond to the survey when prompted by email or they can retrieve their unique response URL using the following link:  Students will complete the survey at the time of their graduation, and they can update their responses as appropriate during the following twelve months.
  1. Report any graduate career outcomes you know to the Career Development Center.  If you learn of a graduating student’s first destination, call us at 607-436-2534 or email with that information so we can enter it into The Outcomes Survey system and help enrich the narrative of our recent graduates’ success.

SUNY Oneonta graduates have great stories to share, and their responses to The Outcomes Survey® will help us tell these stories to current and prospective students through admissions recruiting, through academic and career advising, to SUNY Oneonta alumni, to the State University of New York, to the White House College Scorecard and to the media.

You can explore the first destinations of graduates from the Class of 2015 by visiting  Graduate outcomes from the Class of 2016 will be shared in a few months.

If you have any questions about The Outcomes Survey®, please contact Cassandra Mullinnex, First Destination Assessment Coordinator, at  Thank you in advance for supporting this important campus initiative.