it’s all about PAINT

it’s all about PAINT _-itsallaboutpaint-poster-1
Fine Arts Project Space Gallery,
February 27 – March 15
Opening Reception, Thursday,
March 2, 5-7 pm

Exhibition by fourteen painting students, Madison Blodgett, Alexandra Sakoulas, Carly Warner, AJ, Richard Page, Anna Torri, Aurora Parkinson, Kirstie Connon, Shelby Terwilliger, Robert Fisher, Marykate Regan, Sara Lapell, Anna Vanderpool and Kathryn Polletta.

The student’s wrote about this combined effort.  “it’s all about PAINT, an unlikely combination of mediums form a dynamic collection of student works that explores the materiality of the paint.  Created in two separate studios, the brighter watercolor and larger and more saturated oil paintings are finally brought together in one space.  The installation employs the strategy of juxtaposition as an attempt to form a dialogue between the painterly mediums, from their application to the intended effects.  Based on shared ideas and love of painting, the students not only engaged in the process of collaboration and creation, but bridged the difference between chosen mediums.”