The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $193,459 for the project entitled “RUI: Acquisition of Tools for an Ecosystem-Based Approach to Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Research, Education, and Management” under the direction of Principal Investigator (PI) Daniel Stich, and co-PIs Kiyoko Yokota, Florian Reyda and Willard Harman. The grant will support acquisition of 1] an electrofishing vessel to be used for efficient sampling of near-shore fish communities both locally and regionally; 2] two trawling nets and an a-frame for monitoring larval and adult life-stages of open-water (pelagic) fish and plankton communities; 3] an autonomous sensor buoy with a weather station for in situ high frequency data collection for physical, chemical and biological parameters as part of collaborative regional and global research projects; 4] a Walz Phyto-PAM II phytoplankton analyzer system for rapid field evaluation of primary production (chlorophyll a in lake water as well as the relative composition of algae by major taxonomic groups through pigment analyses); and 5] two 4-hp outboard motors for improved access in limnological and fisheries sampling of small lakes throughout the region. These resources will greatly enhance several ongoing projects at the Biological Field Station (BFS), provide capacity needed to revitalize an historical fisheries program that has been largely absent from the BFS for nearly 30 years, and increase the self-reliance of the BFS in providing regional support integral to opportunities offered to undergraduate and graduate students, and visiting researchers.