Andrew Gallup Co-Authors Research Publication With Undergraduate Students

Andrew Gallup of the Psychology Department co-authored a research article with Janine Militello, Lexington Swartwood and Serena Sackett (all current or former SUNY Oneonta undergraduate psychology majors) that was just published in the February issue of the American Psychological Association (APA) peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Comparative Psychology. The paper is entitled “Experimental evidence of contagious stretching and ingroup bias in budgerigars (Melosittacus undulatus).” Our results show that stretching behavior was temporally clustered in this species only when the birds could see one another, corroborating previous observational findings supporting contagion. Additionally, for the first time, we show an ingroup bias in this response. That is, while the overall frequency of stretching did not significantly differ as a function of conspecific familiarity, contagious stretching was only present when cage mates were paired together. These findings are discussed in relation to recent research studying social cognition in this species.