Jonathan Sadow Publishes Book Chapter

Jonathan Sadow, English, published a peer-reviewed book chapter entitled “Moral and Generic Corruption in Eliza Fenwick’s Secresy” in Didactic Novels and British Women’s Writing, 1790-1820, ed. Hillary Havens (Routledge, 2017).  The essay focuses on the relationship between Eliza Fenwick’s complex novel Secresy­­ (1795)a didactic novel in epistolary form about women’s education that is also a gothicand her friend Mary Wollstonecraft’s critical essays about the morality of novels.  Despite Secresy’s eccentricities (the heroine wanders through the forest at night with her fawn and meets a being who claims to be from another world), Sadow argues that both Fenwick’s and Wollstonecraft’s work possess a nuanced understanding of the potential of fiction as a literary genre for women that is mediated through a critical re-evaluation of Rousseau as both novelist and social theorist.