SEFA Campaign Update!

Amy Crouse Powers was the winner of the opening day drawing.  The next drawing is Friday Dec. 2.

The 2016 SEFA Campaign continues until Dec. 9.  Please contribute to the charity of your choice!

Pledges and donations to date:   only 15 employees have submitted pledges totaling $2,626.

A fillable form was attached to the President’s email of Nov. 29 or visit the website to learn how your contribution can affect our community and submit your pledge now!!!

Important Reminders Regarding Final Exam Duplication

Final exams are approaching quickly. Please review the following reminders that will help keep the turn around for exams as fast as possible.

  1. Print Shop Hours will be from 8 am to 4 pm Daily.
  2. The due date field on the on-line submission form will now change to reflect the volume of requests pending in the shop.  Currently the due date field reflects a turn around of 3 days or less.  As print request volume increases, the due date may increase accordingly.
  3. When sending items by mail address them to Print Shop, Netzer B-8. Putting a personal name on the envelope may result in your item not getting logged in until that person opens their mail.
  4. Items that don’t need to be filled out or returned as part of course work or review should be posted electronically rather than printing them to keep the volume down and save paper.
  5. Plan ahead and submit requests as early as practical. Items that are received early will be ready on time.  As requests accumulate they will be duplicated in the order they were received.