Dr. Florian Reyda publishes article with 9 SUNY Oneonta students and 3 other coauthors

Dr. Florian Reyda, Associate Professor and Researcher, Biology Department and Biological Field Station, recently published an article entitled, “A new genus of rhinebothriidean cestodes from batted elasmobranchs, with the description of five new species and two new combinations ” It was published in the current issue of Folia Parasitologica.

In the article, Reyda and a colleague describe a new genus (i.e., group of species) of tapeworm from stingrays. “Stillabothrium” is named for the tear-dropped shape of one its features, the bothridia of its scolex (attachment structures). A total of five new species of tapeworms are described, each by different combinations of student coauthors and Reyda. The student coauthors are all former SUNY Oneonta Biology majors: Michael Bergman (‘2011); Andrew Daigler (‘2012); Danielle Willsey (‘2013); Kaylee Herzog and Becky Rebecca Russel (‘2014); Illari Delgado, Kathryn Forti, and Tara Aprill (‘2015) and Elsie Dedrick (‘2016). In each case, students picked the names of the new species. The article also includes redescriptions of two other species of genus Stillabothrium, and a phylogenetic analysis depicting the evolutionary history of these tapeworms from stingrays. Read More »