Construction on the Welcome Center to begin in early December

The campus is pleased to announce that construction on the Welcome Center will begin in early December. The exact start date will be announced as soon as we have this information available.  This new building will occupy the footprint of the small parking lot north of Fine Arts. The loss of these 37 spaces was long-anticipated, and ample compensating Faculty/Staff parking space has been made available in the lots across Ravine Parkway from Fine Arts. This, in turn, was made possible by work done in 2014 and 2015 to create 55  new Commuter spots behind the Field House and 42 new Resident spots at Macduff Hall.   Additional stairs and sidewalks are being installed this coming summer to further facilitate access between the Fine Arts lots and the academic quad, and analysis of parking patterns continues in an effort to provide optimum access for all constituencies.  During construction of the Welcome Center, the Bus Stop on Bugbee Road across from Hunt Student Union will be moved to a location in front of Fine Arts. Also, selected sections of the sidewalk areas near the construction zone will not be accessible.