Toke Knudsen to Discuss Translation of Medieval Sanskrit Treatise on Astronomy and Cosmology at Next Alden Series Talk

Please join us on Thursday, November 17, 2016, 7 p.m., in the Alden Room (3rd floor) at Milne Library for the next Alden Scholar Series lecture, entitled, “Translating the Treatise Beautiful: From Sanskrit Verse to English Prose,” which will focus on astronomy and cosmology in medieval India. A reception, offering a selection of Indian dishes, will follow. Lead Credit available.

Dr. Toke Knudsen (Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics) will discuss his recently published English translation with commentary of the medieval Indian astronomer Jnanaraja’s  Siddhantasundara: “a comprehensive treatise that not only provides the reader with the mathematical formulae needed to compute, say, planetary positions and lunar eclipses, but also presents the underlying theory and model.” alden-series_knudsen

The Alden Scholar Series celebrates SUNY Oneonta faculty who have published books or book length projects. Copies of the presenters’ books are available for purchase after the talk, courtesy of Damascene Book Cellar.