Dr. Leigh Fall has research published

Dr. Leigh Fall, Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, recently published an original research article entitled “You are what you eat: Stable isotopic evidence indicates that the naticid gastropod Neverita duplicata is an omnivore” on November 3 in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.  Moon snails are important predatory snails found in soft-bottom marine communities worldwide.  However, Fall and coauthors show that the trophic position of the moon snail Neverita duplicata from Long Island Sound is actually an omnivore based on nitrogen and carbon isotopes. Their work brings into question what ecologists and paleontologists understand about the natural history of these snails.  Fall and colleagues are continuing their work by analyzing moon snails and other organisms from the Masonboro Sound area, near Wilmington, North Carolina for future work on the ecological implications of the moon snail’s omnivorous lifestyle.