Clear Plastic Wall Files Available

The Graduate Office has 8 unused clear plastic wall files.  These need to be screwed to the wall- and could be used for brochures or hand out information.  If you would like them please stop by 133 Netzer between 8-4pm Monday thru Friday, or call 2523 for more information.

Life of the Mind Faculty Showcase

The 2016 Life of the Mind (LOTM) will take place on Wednesday, November 9 (noon–5 pm) AND Thursday, November 10 (8 am–4:30 pm) in Morris Conference Center. The LOTM spotlights the teaching, research and scholarship, creative activity, service, and varied integrated contributions made by our faculty to the academic/intellectual life of the campus and beyond. The event will showcase 65+ presentations representing the work of 120 authors/co-authors from 25 different departments (and various collaborating institutions).

The LOTM Showcase will include two oral presentations (on Wednesday, November 9 in 130 Morris), selected as examples of our highly successful programs funded by external grants from the National Science Foundation.

2:00 pm – John Schaumloffel (Chemistry & Biochemistry), Paul Bischoff (Secondary Education), Paul French (Physics & Astronomy): Essay Analysis for the Study of Noyce Scholars’ Self-Growth and Perceptions

2:30 pm – Keith Schillo (Biology): Revolution in Physiology Education: RIPE for Change

The LOTM schedule and full program, including presentation abstracts, is available on the LOTM website. Please plan to visit the LOTM Showcase to learn about projects and activities from across the disciplines. Refreshments will be available throughout the event.


Dr. Leigh Fall has research published

Dr. Leigh Fall, Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, recently published an original research article entitled “You are what you eat: Stable isotopic evidence indicates that the naticid gastropod Neverita duplicata is an omnivore” on November 3 in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.  Moon snails are important predatory snails found in soft-bottom marine communities worldwide.  However, Fall and coauthors show that the trophic position of the moon snail Neverita duplicata from Long Island Sound is actually an omnivore based on nitrogen and carbon isotopes. Their work brings into question what ecologists and paleontologists understand about the natural history of these snails.  Fall and colleagues are continuing their work by analyzing moon snails and other organisms from the Masonboro Sound area, near Wilmington, North Carolina for future work on the ecological implications of the moon snail’s omnivorous lifestyle.


Bill Harcleroad appointed to professional association Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Board of Directors recently approved the establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force that has been charged with identifying competencies and strategies related to diversity and inclusion that are relevant to students and professionals in campus activities, assessing the climate and current offerings of the association as they relate to diversity and inclusion, and making recommendations for the development of signature educational programs, activities, and resources that promote awareness and professional development.

Bill Harcleroad, director of campus activities and former board member, has been appointed to the task force.Read More »