Attention All Employees

New York State Law (NYSEL 3-110) States That:

If you do not have sufficient time outside your working hours to vote you  may take off up to 2 hours at the beginning or end of your shift, with pay, to allow you time to vote.

Sufficient time is defined as: Four consecutive hours either between the opening of the polls and the beginning of your working shift or between the end of your working shift and the closing of the polls.

You must notify your employer no more than 10 or not less than 2 days before the day of the election that you will take that time.

School of Economics & Business Faculty Seminar Series – November 2

Dr. Wilson Lin, Assistant Professor of Marketing, will make a presentation at the Fall 2016 School of Economics and Business Faculty Seminar Series. The title of Dr. Lin’s presentation is “Implicit Theory on Brand Role Preferences.”  The presentation is open to faculty, students, and the public. It will be held from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, in Hunt Union, Butternut Valley Room.

Dr. Robert Compton, Professor of Africana and Latino Studies and Political Science, publishes review essay

Dr. Robert Compton, Professor of Africana and Latino Studies and Political Science, has published a review essay titled, “ Is there a link?  Japan’s internal cohesion and external conflict with neighbors,” in Regions & Cohesion, vol. 6, Issue 3, Winter 2016:  109-18.   The review essay examines Japan’s paradox:  internal harmony and isolation and external conflict created by the country’s political culture.  The essay examines this issue within the context of three books: Hira, K. & Warschauer, M. (2014). Japan: The paradox of Harmony, Yale University Press; Soysal, Y.N. (ed.) (2015). Transnational trajectories in East Asia: Nation, citizenship, and region, Routledge; and Park, B,G,, Hill, R.C., and Saito, A. (Eds.) (2012). Locating neoliberalism in East Asia: Neoliberalizing spaces in developmental states, Wiley-Blackwell.