LEAD@Oneonta Wins SUNY Award

The Office of Student Life and Leadership @Hunt Union is pleased to announce the LEAD@Oneonta program was  the recipient of the SUNY Outstanding Student Affairs Program Awards for 2016 in the category of Student Union, Student Activities, Greek Life, and Leadership.   Congratulations to all of our students involved in the program,  and to the employees and mentors who coordinate and support it.

Sallie Han Co-Edits Journal Issue on “Anthropology in an Election Year”

Sallie Han, (Anthropology, SUNY Oneonta) and Jason Antrosio (Anthropology, Hartwick College) are the co-editors of the October 2016 issue of Open Anthropology on the theme of “Anthropology in an Election Year.”

To the list of reasons why the 2016 presidential contest in the United States has been especially notable and newsworthy, we might add the number of superlatives surrounding it. Headlines refer to the election as both “the most important of our lives” and the “worst election, ever.” Yet, the discontent, frustration, anger, and worry—and also the hope, optimism, and resolve—on display in the 2016 election are not unique to it or to the electoral politics of the U.S. Indeed, in all of the places where anthropologists pursue their studies, they have been bearing witness to citizens and voters expressing their concerns and criticisms about the qualities of their elected leaders, the legitimacy of the processes that bring parties into power, the responsibilities and rights of the electorate itself in addition to broader and deeper questions about the nature of democracy—or of democracies.

Featured in this collection are 16 articles that speak to some of the themes and tropes which have emerged not only during the latest presidential contest in the U.S., but also in the work of political anthropologists documenting and detailing elections and campaigns in settings including eastern Europe, east Africa, and south Asia. While a concentration of the pieces included here is based on observation and analysis in the U.S., the accounts from other contexts provide much needed perspective and insight.

The articles will remain open access for six months. Access the issue here: http://www.americananthro.org/StayInformed/OAIssueTOC.aspx?ItemNumber=20799

Susan Bernardin recipient of the 2015 Beatrice Medicine Essay Award for Scholarship in American Indian Studies

Susan Bernardin (English, Chair, WGS) has received the 2015 Beatrice Medicine Essay Award for Scholarship in American Indian Studies. This Award, given by the Native Literature Symposium and funded through the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, is named in honor of the late Beatrice Medicine (Standing Rock), an acclaimed anthropologist and activist. The Award recognizes Bernardin’s essay,  “Acorn Soup Is Good Food: L. Frank, News from Native California, and the Intersections of Literary and Visual Arts,” published in Studies in American Indian Literatures (SAIL) in December 2015.


James Zians elected Chairperson for the Otsego County Community Services Board

James Zians (Department of Psychology) has been elected Chairperson for the Otsego County Community Services Board (CSB).  He has been a member of the Otsego County CSB since January 2013.  The focus of the CSB is to provide community advisory support to mental health and social service programs in Otsego County, including the Otsego County Mental Health Clinic.  The CSB meets on a monthly basis at the county building in Oneonta.  Dr. Zians also serves on the Addictions Subcommittee of the CSB, and he is a member of the Otsego County Opiate Task Force; within the Task Force he serves on the Subcommittee for Transitional Housing in Otsego County.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in New York State and across the nation. Purple is the color of domestic violence awareness. “Shine the Light” is a campaign in New York State to shine purple lights on buildings, wear purple or hold purple events during the month of October.

Go Purple…and talk about it! Awareness is the first step toward real change. Wear purple on Thursday, October 20, and Shine the Light on domestic violence.

See attached for more information: shine-the-light-poster