2016 SICAS Partner Award recipients announced at SICAS Summit

The 2016 SICAS Partner Award recipients were announced last week at SICAS Summit.  Partner Awards were established in 2014 to recognized people who have made a significant contribution to the SICAS program.  There contributions have made a difference not only for SICAS employees but for the SICAS program as a whole. 

Two people from Oneonta were recipients of this year’s award.

  1. J Lentner from Oneonta.  J volunteered his time to work with our SICAS team to alpha test the Auto refunding application.  Prior to testing, J worked directly with the SICAS development team while that application was being redesigned and provided valuable “real world” experiences and training to the SICAS staff throughout the process.  His feedback helped us provide a better product for beta testing at our campuses.
  1. Rob Brown from Oneonta.  Rob is an active member of the Collaborative Reporting Initiative which involves a lot of time and energy as we explore the creation of new shared reporting tools.  He has been working with new Oracle features in an attempt to help his campus analyze their legacy SQR code to eliminate report redundancy and to improve their reporting framework as part of the effort to move away from SQR.  In response to the SICAS-wide meetings about our “SQR Problem” Rob put in the extra effort to generalize the analysis tools and the developing framework so that other campuses might use them for their own local migration efforts. Those of us at the SICAS Center spend a lot of time trying to write and support software that is usable across the membership and recognize just how much additional effort is involved in the design and coding of such tools.  Busy as campuses are, it would be easy to justify making it work here, then sharing the code as is, and leaving the debugging and adaptation work to the campuses taking the software.  Instead he chose to take on the extra work of supporting and altering these tools for the benefit of the whole program.