Students and faculty present research at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America

Students and faculty from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences presented research at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, Colorado (September 25-29). Lyndsey Farrar (GEOL 2017), Leigh Fall, and Gregory Dietl presented How Does Body Size and Abundance of Trilobites Change along a Water Depth Gradient in the Trenton Group (Middle Ordovician) of Central New York? Samantha Ayers (GEOL 2018), Kate Moore, (GEOL 2019), Stefanie Lewis (GEOL 2016) and Keith Brunstad reported on Factors Controlling the Emplacement of the 80-Km-Long Tieton Andesite Lava Flow Field, South-Central Washington. Emilie Richard, (GEOL 2017), Andrew Platt (GEOL 2016), and Keith Brunstad described an Environmental Baseline Study for Managed Sediment Release from the Lower Reservoir, Oneonta Creek, Oneonta, NY. Jansen Costello (GEOL 2017) and James Ebert reported on Covariance of Particle Size and Shape of Microplastic Pollutants Transported to Terrestrial Dunes from the Shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, NY and PA.

Leigh Fall and co-authors presented Stable Isotopic Analysis Reveals Omnivory in Neverita duplicata: Part 1, Laboratory Feeding Experiments. Dr. Fall was also a co-author on Stable Isotopic Analysis Reveals Omnivory in the Naticid Gastropod Neverita Duplicata: Part 2, Modern Food Web Analysis. Les Hasbargen presented Virtually Real: Monitoring Cutbank Erosion Mechanisms with Sfm in Butternut Creek, New York and James Ebert, described Field-Based Class Research Projects and the Methods of Geoscience in a session devoted to undergraduate research.