Dr. James Ebert, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, honored by the Geological Society of America

At the recent meeting of the Geological Society of America, James Ebert, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, was honored as one of the newest Fellows of the Geological Society of America. Dr. Ebert’s designation as a fellow is in recognition of his service to geoscience education, research with undergraduate students and his role as co-founder and editor of Northeastern Geoscience, and online journal. Dr. Ebert was nominated by Dr. Arthur Palmer, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus.

Students and faculty present research at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America

Students and faculty from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences presented research at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, Colorado (September 25-29). Lyndsey Farrar (GEOL 2017), Leigh Fall, and Gregory Dietl presented How Does Body Size and Abundance of Trilobites Change along a Water Depth Gradient in the Trenton Group (Middle Ordovician) of Central New York? Samantha Ayers (GEOL 2018), Kate Moore, (GEOL 2019), Stefanie Lewis (GEOL 2016) and Keith Brunstad reported on Factors Controlling the Emplacement of the 80-Km-Long Tieton Andesite Lava Flow Field, South-Central Washington. Emilie Richard, (GEOL 2017), Andrew Platt (GEOL 2016), and Keith Brunstad described an Environmental Baseline Study for Managed Sediment Release from the Lower Reservoir, Oneonta Creek, Oneonta, NY. Jansen Costello (GEOL 2017) and James Ebert reported on Covariance of Particle Size and Shape of Microplastic Pollutants Transported to Terrestrial Dunes from the Shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, NY and PA.

Leigh Fall and co-authors presented Stable Isotopic Analysis Reveals Omnivory in Neverita duplicata: Part 1, Laboratory Feeding Experiments. Dr. Fall was also a co-author on Stable Isotopic Analysis Reveals Omnivory in the Naticid Gastropod Neverita Duplicata: Part 2, Modern Food Web Analysis. Les Hasbargen presented Virtually Real: Monitoring Cutbank Erosion Mechanisms with Sfm in Butternut Creek, New York and James Ebert, described Field-Based Class Research Projects and the Methods of Geoscience in a session devoted to undergraduate research.

Family Weekend 16 Shout Out!

Family Weekend 2016 went very well as we had more than 710 families register and/or check in with us on September 23 & 24.  We are currently collecting information from our families on their experiences,  and from the volunteers who provided services and support.

Thank you to the Family Weekend Committee  #OneontaFW16
After a successful  Family Weekend program I wish to thank our committee for its work behind the scenes; in the thick of the planning, delivery of programs, and its dedication to rally onsite as needed:  Angie Eichler, Bill Harcleroad, Angela Deleski, Kathy Hewlett, (Student Life & Leadership @Hunt College Union);  Natasha Fisher, (Career development Center); Monica Grau, (New Student Services);  Alexandria Robison, (SAAC); Jesse Dominianni, (IGC);  Alyssa Cohen, Averi Amsterdam, (RSO);  Anne Everett, (Residential Community Life); and Laura Lincoln, (Office of Alumni Engagement); Johanna Clark, (Sodexo); Mary Bonderoff, (Office of Equity and Inclusion);  Ryan Hooper, Daphne Thompson, (Athletics); and Tracy Dolan, (OAS).   To a job well done!

Family Weekend Hub Crew
I want to thank the following additional professionals who joined committee members for taking personal time from their families in order to support our students and families during the college’s Family Weekend 2016. These pros pitched in at the check-in desk at the HUb to meet, greet, and welcome our students, and their families connecting them to the wide array of programs and events: Michelle Thibault, Rebecca Lynch (Office of Continuing Education and Summer Session), Lacey Williams (Office of Community  Standards), Jessica Roman (Residential Community Life), and Amy Benedict (Career Development Center).

Event Volunteers
I also wish to thank the volunteers who supported or facilitated events: Jesse Gardner (SAAC) for setting up the sold out Dave Coulier Show; Dr. Joshua Nollenberg (Physics & Astronomy) for leading the Planetarium Shows; Dr. Benjamin Dixon (Geography) for his presentation “Our SUNY Oneonta Campus-1889 to Today”;  Michael Hurley (College Camp) and Snapper Petta (Outdoor Resource Center) for coordinating and hosting the Birds of Prey presentation; Karyn Wendrow (Office of Alumni Engagement) for the Legacy Reception; Dan Mahar and the Men’s Lacrosse tea, (Athletics) for facilitating the family kickball tourney; Chris Schuler-Ghiorse (Athletics) for ensuring staffing for family open swim in Chase Pool;  Michelle Thibault, Rebecca Lynch (Office of Continuing Education and Summer Session) for the heavy task of setting up and supporting online registration;  Monica Grau (New Student Services) for coordinating the Five Week Family Checkup; Cassandra Mullinnex (Career Development Center) for introducing the Dr. Dixon program; and Peter Derway (Campus Ministry) and  Tracy Hartwell  (Employment Opportunities) for golf cart services on Friday and Saturday.

We also thanks the following students for all of their assistance: Nicole St. Onge (NSS) Sean LaDuca,  Alex Gilson,  Dylan Miller (Phi Kappa Psi),  Nicholas Seabrook (Phi Kappa Psi), Adam Fleischman (AEPi), Josh Fleischman (AEPi),  Karin Jacobson (Transfer Student mentor), Mikayla Morfesi (Phi Sigma Sigma), Kelsey Smith (Phi Sigma Sigma), Ritu Singh, Rosana De Jesus,  Yuyang Shi, Nusirat  Waheed-Ameen, Asaskia Thomas, Graciela Mora (ACE), Nazhaya Barcelona, Mako Takahashi (SAAC), Josue Irizarry (Phi Kappa Psi), Nick Cancelliere (Phi Kappa Psi), Karen Smith, Magali Ramirez, Elena Heath (NSS), Andrew Edwards (NSS), Jerome  Wiggins, Celena Chiu, Melina Ciotta (NSS), Mark Ortiz (Alpha Phi Delta), Erika Vilceus (EOP), Christopher Carlucci (Phi Kappa Psi), Michelle Nelson, Mathew DiStadio, Shannon Kostoff (Alpha Kappa Phi), and Eileen Rowe (Pi Delta Chi).

Craft Show
Let me also share my thanks to Family Weekend Committee member Laura Emmet (Finance and Administration) for all of her support and expertise with the creation of a juried craft show on September 25. Indeed, to a job well done.

Note the dates for Family Weekend 2017 are September 22-24.

Robb Thibault, M.S.
Director, Student Life & Leadership @Hunt College Union
Chair, Family Weekend Committee



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in New York State and across the nation.  The NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) is turning the State purple during October to raise awareness of domestic violence.  Thursday, October 20, 2016 is Wear Purple Day.  WEAR PURPLE ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016 and show your support to prevent Domestic Violence.  Watch the College Bulletin, the HR website and myOneonta for further information about observing this important day.  Thank you for your participation!