Dr. Trevor Fuller Collaborates Study Abroad Course with NEFU

In early September Trevor Fuller, Assistant Professor in the Geography and Environmental Sustainability Department, traveled to Yakutsk, Russia to develop a Siberian study abroad field course for SUNY students.  Trevor is collaborating with Geography and Indigenous Studies colleagues based at North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk, Russia.  The study abroad course will take place next summer.  In addition to constructing an itinerary for the Siberian study abroad course, Trevor and his colleagues discussed the establishment of a future COIL project between SUNY students and students from NEFU.  Finally, Trevor continues to collaborate with his Siberian colleagues on research regarding perceptions and adaptations of indigenous populations to climate change in the region.  This work has been made possible by a Faculty Research Grant (2014) and a StAR Grant (2016).