Volunteers Needed: Making Cent$ of Life After College Event

This ever-popular annual event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 2 and your help is needed!  Come join the fun for a one or two hour shift, or any time frame that works for you.

Employees may volunteer during work hours with prior approval from their supervisor.

Contact Kevin Sutton, Making Cents Coordinator, at kevin.sutton@oneonta.edu or x3021 to register as a volunteer.

To accommodate student schedules, the event will be held during two separate time frames:  10am-2pm and 4pm-6pm.

Faculty and staff volunteers are needed in a broad array of areas ranging from greeting students  to assisting at topic-based tables.  No prior experience is required for most volunteer positions; we will provide you with everything you need to know!

Here’s how it works:

  • Students receive a “salary” in play money based on their projected career path and anticipated geographic location.
  • They then proceed through a series of simulation stations to consider their monthly expenses and make appropriate budgeting decisions. Stations include student loan repayment, housing, utilities, transportation, food, health and wellness, entertainment, credit card debt and many more.
  • After visiting all the tables and constructing a realistic budget, there is a de-briefing where the student is counseled to review budgeting decisions to maximize their available funds.

The goal of the event is for students to discover how to meet their expenses and live within the confines of their salary.  Along the way, staff will be available to assist and empower them to make smart financial decisions.  In previous years, students have found this event to be an enlightening and somewhat startling first exposure to the financial realities of life after college.

Faculty are encouraged to bring their classes to the event, assign participation for class credit, or promote participation as an opportunity to learn important life skills.


Wendy A. Lascell & Paul R. Baumann Published in Middle States Geographer

Wendy A. Lascell and Paul R. Baumann of the Geography and Environmental Sustainability Department co-authored 2 articles published in the peer reviewed journal, Middle States Geographer. The two articles are entitled “Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans: Recovery and Rebuilding,” and “Tsunami 2004: Rebuilding and Relocating Rural Villages” and can be read here in Volume 48 of the journal.

Dr. Trevor Fuller Collaborates Study Abroad Course with NEFU

In early September Trevor Fuller, Assistant Professor in the Geography and Environmental Sustainability Department, traveled to Yakutsk, Russia to develop a Siberian study abroad field course for SUNY students.  Trevor is collaborating with Geography and Indigenous Studies colleagues based at North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk, Russia.  The study abroad course will take place next summer.  In addition to constructing an itinerary for the Siberian study abroad course, Trevor and his colleagues discussed the establishment of a future COIL project between SUNY students and students from NEFU.  Finally, Trevor continues to collaborate with his Siberian colleagues on research regarding perceptions and adaptations of indigenous populations to climate change in the region.  This work has been made possible by a Faculty Research Grant (2014) and a StAR Grant (2016).

“Should We Engineer the Mosquito?” Public Forum this Thursday

A public discussion on new biotechnologies and how they should be applied is scheduled for Thursday, September 29th from 6:30-9:00pm in the Otsego Grille of Morris Conference Center. Participants will learn how mosquitoes can be engineered to reduce malaria transmission, discuss related ethical and societal issues, consider the viewpoints of others, and form a plan about whether and how to release the mosquitoes using the information they learn, their background knowledge, and their values. Forum content was designed by the Museum of Science, Boston, with funding from the National Science Foundation, in partnership with the National Informal STEM Education Network. Admission is free, but registration is required. To learn more, see the attached flyer: mosquito-forum or contact Kelly Gallagher at kelly.gallagher@oneonta.edu (436-3180).

Lodging Rooms Available in the Morris Conference Center

The Morris Conference Center has short term apartment and residence hall style rooms available for faculty and staff.  These rooms are especially convenient for those who have a long commute or have special circumstances that require lodging in Oneonta.  Please contact Mary Moubray at X2079 or Mary.Moubray@oneonta,edu for our reasonable rates and availability.


In addition, apartments and rooms are available for departments who are looking for lodging guest speakers, interviewees, presenters, conference guests, and any other College related guests.  There is no cost to the department as long as the guest is here for College business.  Again, please contact Mary to make reservations.