EAP Newsletter

In this issue of the EAP Newsletter, you will find information about a new healthy-eating and weight loss initiative; a lunch and learn series on elder care; retirement information sessions; chemo blanket assembling; and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Internet Outage Next Wednesday

There will be an interruption of internet service Wednesday, September 28 while ITS Networking & Telecommunications updates the configuration of our internet connection.  The work will be performed during IT Services’ weekly maintenance window, beginning at 5 AM.  Access to and from the internet will be unavailable for about an hour during that period. Service will be restored by 7 AM.

Oneonta Roots- gatherings each Friday and a bonfire at college camp on Oct. 16

An Invitation- Please come!

You are invited to regular ‘We made it through the week!’
SUNY gatherings for all faculty and staff.
There will be snacks provided by campus at Roots, a local brewery, with interesting options to drink including nonalcoholic options such as a locally made ginger ale.

Every Friday

come when you can, stay as long as you’d like
Place: Roots Brewing Co., 175 Main Street, Oneonta
They are opening an hour early just for us!

This will be a chance to meet others and build a sense of community at SUNY Oneonta.

Plus we are planning a bonfire at college camp October 16th 5pm -everyone welcome.

Please contact me if you have any questions. zanna.mckay@oneonta.edu or 607-434-8239

Bambi Lobdell Interviewed by The Washington Post on Transgender Ancestor

Earlier in September, Fred Barbash of The Washington Post interviewed Bambi Lobdell on her ancestor, Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell. The recent presence of transgender lives, identities, and issues in current news and pop culture drove Barbash to investigate who the first transgender person in America might have been. Lobdell told him there was no way to know such a thing as what is now called transgender identity and gender non-conforming identities have always existed, and especially in North America before it was America. However, Barbash interviewed Lobdell on her ancestor’s transition in the nineteenth century, which brought him much notoriety and trouble, as he ended up spending the last 32 years of his life in insane asylums for persistently presenting as a man and claiming manhood. Bambi will be speaking on this ancestor on October 12th at 5:30 in the Catskill Room in Hunt Union. To read The Washington Post article, follow this link:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/09/08/he-paid-a-dear-price-for-it-the-19th-century-story-of-one-of-americas-first-transgender-men/