Student Absence from Class Due to Illness or Emergency

Class attendance is a matter to be resolved between the instructor and student. The definition of excused absence is stated in the COLLEGE HANDBOOK,

As a faculty member, you can do the following things to handle student absences:

  • Refer to excused absence policy in COLLEGE HANDBOOK
  • Decide what requirements you will have for verifying absences, i.e., doctor’s excuse, obituary notice, etc. Do not send students to another office to verify reason for absence
  • Delineate when and how students can make up work missed because of their absences
  • Communicate this information to your students

The Office of Student Development will notify faculty of student absence when students are unable to contact their instructors. This will be done when we are notified of the following situations:

  • When a student is unexpectedly hospitalized for several days
  • When a student leaves campus quickly and unexpectedly due to reasons beyond his/her control and will not return for several days
  • When a student unexpectedly cannot return to campus due to reasons beyond his/her control

Under these circumstances, notifications of absence from class will be sent from Student Development to faculty at their campus email address.

Please contact the Student Development Office if you have any questions regarding this information.