Miguel León, History, presents at the VIII National Conference of Peruvian History

Miguel León, History, presented a paper at the VIII National Conference of Peruvian History which took place in the city of Trujillo from August 8-12, 2016. His paper was on the biography of a notary called Cristóbal de Aguilar y Mendieta, (1569-1619) a provincial and royal notary who, besides fulfilling his responsibilities as a notary, was involved in the economic, social and even religious life of Lima. As an economic agent, he participated actively in commerce selling and buying slaves, merchandise from Spain, Mexico, Panama and even China and real estate. As a member of the guild of notaries of Lima he also founded an orphanage and served as its treasurer. Aguilar y Mendieta was an active member of several religious lay confraternities with ample social outreach. The significance of this research is that it provides a better understanding of the patterns of Spanish emigration to the Americas, and especially into the Peruvian Viceroyalty, during this historical period.