SUNY Child Protection Policy

Effective May 15, 2015, the new SUNY system-wide Child Protection Policy sets protocols and mandates for SUNY Oneonta to follow when children are in our custody, control, or under our supervision.

In order to comply with the SUNY Child Protection Policy, employees of SUNY Oneonta, employees of college-affiliated organizations, students, volunteers and permittees must complete all required training if working directly with children in a “Covered Activity.” A “Covered Activity” is defined as a program or activity sponsored or approved by the college or a college-affiliated organization occurring on or off campus, for the duration of which the responsibility for custody, control and supervision of children is vested in the University, University-affiliated organization. Vendors, licensees and permittees are required to follow the policy through the completion of the revocable permit process. This policy is not applicable to college on-campus child care centers.

If you will have custody, control or supervision of children participating in the “Covered Activity” then you are considered a “Covered Person.” “Covered Persons” are required to complete the necessary training before working with children. Examples of a “Covered Person” would be: a counselor at a summer sports camp, a student working with children as part of their class, and an athlete working a clinic with children, etc.

A “child” is considered under the age of 17 years old for this policy.

If you plan to oversee a “Covered Activity” on or off campus, please contact Graig Eichler, Child Protection Compliance Officer, for guidance in meeting all requirements for the Child Protection policy and the Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Policy.

Below are key links in helping better understand the regulations set forth by SUNY:

Child Protection Policy

Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Policy

Explanation of the policy and its applicability in various circumstances

Key links and forms

Urgent Message Plan Test

The Office of Communications routinely tests its urgent message plan, which describes how the college shares information with the campus community about class cancellations, curtailments of services, campus emergencies, or other urgent situations. The first urgent message plan test of the fall semester is scheduled for the week of Sept. 18. You may notice “test” messages on these campus communication channels:

For more information, see the Urgent  Message Policy.

Daniel G. Payne Publishes Biography of Henry Beston

Orion on the Dunes: A Biography of Henry Beston by Daniel G. Payne, English Department, was published on September 1, 2016. A book launch was held on September 3 at Henry Beston’s Chimney Farm in Nobleboro, Maine, with about eighty people in attendance, including the publisher, David R. Godine and several Maine writers including Gary Lawless and Franklin Burroughs.


9/11 Memorial Ceremony

This year’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony will be held Friday, September 9, 2016 at 1 p.m. at the 9/11 Memorial in the quad outside of Fitzelle Hall.  SUNY Oneonta was touched deeply by the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. Among those who lost their lives in terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania that day were seven SUNY Oneonta alumni. The college’s 9/11 monument stands as a tribute to all who perished, and as a pledge that our campus community will never forget.  The ceremony will feature the University Police Color Guard, presentation of flowers and a wreath, and special music.  The ceremony is free and open to the public and a reception will be held immediately after in the Union Square in the Hunt College Union.
All are welcome to attend.
Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement with any questions at x2526 or

Dr. Matthew Hendley, Professor of History, served as the External Examiner

Dr. Matthew Hendley, Professor of History, served as the External Examiner for a PhD defense at the Department of History at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on August 10, 2016. Dr. Hendley helped examine the defense of Leanna Fong’s doctoral dissertation in British History entitled “The Conservative Party and Perceptions of the British Middle Classes, 1951 – 1974”. This dissertation argued for the ideological uncertainty of the postwar Conservative middle classes in Great Britain and the lack of a clear progression between the 1951-74 period and the “self-sufficient acquisitive middle class consumers” championed by Thatcherism. The candidate was successful in her defense!