Students of FOOD 239 – Luncheon Menus!

Colleagues;  The semester has barely begun yet it is out of the gate and already hurling towards the finish line.

We have a great bunch of students in FOOD 239: Restaurant and Catering Management and wow have I throw the gauntlet at them. The meals this semester include the excitement of foods and flavors from all over the world. They may include tastes that you aren’t familiar with or maybe even fear but you can trust that we (not me – the students are a much better bet than me) will take good care of you. Meals are offered on select Thursdays starting promptly at noon in Human Ecology 143 and 144.

The menus, dates, seats available and prices are below.
· Make reservations by emailing me with your preferred dates and number of seats. I do get buried with emails and will respond as soon as I can.
· Once your reservations are confirmed please send payment in cash or check payable to “FOOD 239” to my office at 142 Human Ecology. Please send payment before the end of September so I can focus on the students and the luncheons.
· I’ll send the tickets as soon as I receive your payment. If you can’t make a luncheon you reserved please pass your ticket to a friend – they’ll thank you.
· Also, please remember that the students do their best to serve you but they are learning and occasional bumps in the road happen.
· If you need a vegetarian selection or have a dietary restriction please notify us in advance so that we can properly serve you.

Cruzin’ the Yucatan Thursday September 22 noon service $9 per person 45 seats available
•Starters: Salsa Fresca, Salsa Verde, fresh Tortilla Chips and Empanadas
•Soups: Black & White Bean soup or Poblano Chicken chowder
•Salad: Pasta, Olive and Avocado salad
• Entrees: Steak Fajitas or Chicken Fajitas with fresh-made Guacamole
•Desserts: Chocolate Marble cake or Lemon Cheesecake

Cruzin’ The British Isles Thursday September 29 noon service $10 per person 15 seats available
•Soups: Potato, Bacon and Oyster soup or Broccoli Apple soup
•Salad: Spinach-Apple salad
•Entrees: Beef and Guinness stew or Winter Chicken pie with Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes, Asparagus with Balsamic Tomatoes and Ear of Wheat rolls
•Desserts: Chocolate Vacherin or Spiced Rum Peach-Walnut crisp

East Coast Cruzin’ Thursday October 6 noon service $9 per person 10 seats available
•Soups: Cream of Mushroom soup or Corn and Scallop chowder
•Salad: Asparagus and Orange salad
•Entrees: Chargrilled Chicken or Carolina Shrimp with Celeriac Mach, Roasted Tomatoes and Herb biscuits
•Desserts: Banana Split cake or Baked Chocolate pudding

Cruzin the Adriatic Thursday October 20 noon service $9 per person 60 seats available
•Starters: Baba Ganoush with pita
•Soups: Provencal Vegetable soup or Roasted Tomato and Pasta soup
•Entrees: Chicken with a Sun-dried Tomato Cream sauce or Rosemary-crusted Pork Loin with a Balsamic drizzle with Roasted Red Potatoes and Brussels Sprout, Parmesan and Sherry Vinaigrette
•Desserts: Tiramisu or Triple-layer Chocolate Truffle cake

Cruzin the Med Thursday November 3 noon service $10 per person 60 seats available
•Starters: Hummus (Roasted Red Pepper), Falafel, Tzatziki sauce, Turkish Kofta and Moroccan bread
•Soups: Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup or Hariria
•Entrees: Moroccan Salmon or Chicken with Moroccan rub with Eggplant pie and Mushroom Couscous
•Desserts: Chocolate “Le Russe” Moroccan cake or Lemon Curd cake

Spanish Tapas Thursday November 17 noon service $10 per person 60 seats available
•Primero: Potato and Cheese croquettes and Ham, Potatoes and Cheese croquettes
•Segundo: Gazpacho with Avocado salsa or Pincho Ribs with a Sherry Glaze or Mallorcan tumbet
•Entrada Grilled Paella or Spanish Stuffed Bell Pepper
•Postre: Crema Catalana or Churros con Chocolate
•Bebida: Sangria (small sample if allowed)

Cruzin the Streets Thursday December 1 noon service $10 per person 60 seats available
•Starters: Butternut Squash and Apple bisque and Simply Cauliflower soup and Corn and Sweet Potato soup
•Appetizers: Bell Pepper and Cucumber salad and Roasted Root Vegetable salad and Curry •Garlic Portabella Mushroom fries
• Meals: Maker’s Mark Fried Chicken with Bourbon Barbeque sauce and Rockin Gyro burger and BBQ Pulled Pork tacos and Spinach Quinoa burgers with Roasted Red Pepper Mayo
•Desserts: Peanut Butterlicious pop and Tres Leches cake with Coffee sauce and Cookies and Cream cupcakes
•(all choices state “and” because you can have as many or as few as you want!)

Email your reservations before the meals sell out!  We look forward to serving you and your friends

Oscar Oberkircher, MS, CHE